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One word....... Quality. We take a lot of personal pride in our workmanship. As a smaller company (by choice) and as owner/operator, I am personally involved in all the work, ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction. My goal is to help protect, increase the value of your home, and leave you with a finished product that you can enjoy for years.

- Jed Johnson

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Interior Painting

Painting is one of the quickest ways to transform the décor of your home. The goal is to create a fresh new feel to your home, letting the elements you want to highlight, such as the architecture, your furniture and paintings, to stand out. The colors and products you choose for your painting project play a huge role in accomplishing this. It is my pleasure to add my expertise and provide a few suggestions (if it would be appreciated) so that your new space can be created as envisioned.

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Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is much more than a color. It is a critical component of your homes 'building envelope' that is engineered to protect the structure. It is essential that proper care be given to preparing the surfaces to be painted. This includes scraping, loose paint, priming bare surfaces, caulking to stop moisture penetration and only then apply a proper film (mil) thickness of quality paint top coat that will protect and keep your home looking great for years. The attention to the preparation and quality of finish top coats is what separates us from other painting companies.

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Wood Finishing

Natural wood log homes, cedar shakes, fences and decks require a little more ongoing maintenance but when properly prepared are hard to beat for sheer beauty. Generally you will be applying a stain which is meant to penetrate the surface of the wood. You typically do not want to create a heavy surface film on your wood finish because this will ultimately fail creating a nightmare for the next time you have to refinish the wood surface. If the wood is in good shape using a transparent or semi transparent stain will allow the natural grain of the wood to feature. Most stains have a flat sheen though there are a few products that have a soft satin finish.

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Door & hardware

Another easy way to update your home is to install new hinges, handles and cabinet hardware. The next step is to replace the doors and new trim, Options are numerous but can make a huge transformation to your home.

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Along with painting, lighting creates one of the largest transformations to your home décor. Consideration is given not only to the lights structural design but also the warmth of lighting. Installation of dimmers is also a great consideration to be made for creating mood for a room.

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Non Structural Repairs

Occasionally replacing rotten or damaged wood prior to painting or staining becomes necessary. A quality repair not only fixes the damage but also becomes part of the home and becomes unnoticeable when compared to the original structure.

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Choosing interior colors

June 4, 2018

The goal should be to create flow to your home. Start by choosing a main light to medium toned neutral. Add to that a color a shade or two darker that will be used  to accent the architectural features of your home. Use this accent on approximately 25% of the homes walls in such a way that the architectural structures of your home are featured. This accent color is subtle but will be highly effective in accomplishing this purpose. If desired a third stronger accent color could be added to a few feature walls. Finally, when determining what colors go where, try to make color changes at inside corners as opposed to outside corners. This will make the color changes more seamless, creating flow in your home and help you see your home as a solid structure as opposed to home having individual  rooms with paper thin walls. Enjoy your transformation!

Choosing exterior colors

June 4, 2018

Unless your going for a white looking home, pick a medium to dark toned color. Also realize that colors will look more vibrant on an exterior surface rather than on an interior application. This is due to the full spectrum of light present outside. To compensate for this choose a color you like but take that color and choose one with more of a greyed tone. In choosing accent colors for your trim, shutters, and accents, make sure you have a strong contrast that will help define your homes structure. The exception to this would be if your home has very strong architectural  features  on its own in which case your trim color could be a more subtle a accent.

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March 15, 2018

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Jed has done a few projects for us including repairing and painting our chimney, painting interior rooms, radiators and repairing plaster ceiling cracks.  He is very meticulous - makes sure to do it right and carefully.  Everything he's done for us has turned out great, which is why we keep calling him back.  Plus, he's a genuinely nice and honest person.  Comes when he says he will and gets the job done.  You can tell he takes pride in his work

Nicole W -