What our customers are saying

Ashlar Painting and Building Services just finished painting our 2-story home in Puyallup. We are extremely pleased with the look of our home, as well as the craftsmanship and detail of the work that Jed Johnson (owner), and his crew performed. The prep work that was done was exceptional.  

Jed Johnson is also experienced in construction, as well as working with design builders. His understanding of how a home is constructed makes for a higher caliber of painting professional.

Jed was able to help preserve the exterior wood trim, and added additional weatherproofing to our shutters and gables.

Home has been caulked to the Nth degree. Most downspouts and all the shutters were removed in order to paint the underlying wood trim. Then as the shutters and downspouts were replaced, the screw holes were caulked for further waterproofing. The wood trim was back brushed, which makes for a smoother and thicker coating of paint, which also will last much longer than sprayed on.

Jed and his crew went the extra mile on everything. Jed found several areas where leaks could potentially cause problems and made repairs. For the first time in the history of our home- it is now watertight.

The crew was very professional, courteous and hardworking. The guys worked just as hard and consistently even when Jed was not on-site.

The estimate for our home was much more reasonable than the bids I had gotten from other contractors. Painting was completed in a timely fashion, when the weather permitted.

I highly recommend Ashlar Painting and Building services. Our home now looks better than it did when it was new.

We are confident that this work will last for quite a few years and the quality of the materials used will help to protect our investment.

Marvin & Debbie H.